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Rights of the Shareholders

The Share Capital of the Company amounts to € 17,327,316.51 and is divided into 27,503,677 common nominal shares with nominal value € 0.63 each. The shares of the Company are listed for trading in the Securities Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.

The rights of the Shareholders of the Company that derive from its share are proportional to the capital that corresponds to the paid up value of the share. Each share includes all rights and liabilities that the Law and the Article of Association of the Company provide, and more specifically: 

The participation and voting right in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
The right on the dividend from the annual profit of the Company, that amounts to 35% of the net profit after the deduction of the regulatory reserve and the other profit that are referred to in par. 1 of

Art. 3 of L. 148/67. The rest of the amount is distributed, as a total or a part, to the shareholders or is provided for formation or enhancement of any of the reserves or the deductions, upon decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Shareholders, that are included in the registry of shareholders at the date of determination of the beneficiaries, are entitled to a dividend. The dividend of each share is distributed to the shareholder within two (2) months since the date of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders that approved the Annual Financial Statements. The way and the method of the payment are announced in the Daily Official List and the website of the Athens Stock Exchange. The claim for the collection of the dividend is written off and the respective amount is transferred to the Greek State after a time period of five (5) years after the end of the year in which the General Meeting of Shareholders approved its distribution. 

The preferential right for any increase of the share capital of the Company in cash and the subscription of new shares.
The right to receive a copy of the financial statements and reports of the certified public accountants and the Board of Directors of the Company.
The General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company retains all rights during its liquidation (according to article 29 of its Article of Association).

The liability of the Shareholders of the Company is limited to the nominal value of their shares.