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Share Information
Ownership structure (31/08/21)
Direct & Indirect participation of BoD Members or/ Direct and Indirect participation of Shareholders over 5.0%

First and Last name Identity Direct and Indirect Participation
Christos Georgakopoulos Chief Executive Officer, Executive member of the BoD7.165.775 shares or 27,000%
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Investment Bank 4.125.552 shares or 15,545%
Eric Sharp Director of Administrative Organization of Corporate Branches2.459.175 shares or 9,266%
Stavros Lekkakos Shareholder2.350.000 shares or 8,855 %
Nikolaos Chalkiopoulos Chairman of the Board, Executive member of the BoD, Chief Operations Officer453.350 shares or 1,708 %
Stefanos Verzovitis Chief Financial and Administration Officer, Executive member of the BoD 268.636 shares or 1,012%
George Diamantopoulos Vice- Chairman, Non-Executive Member of the BoD100.000 shares or 0,377%
Other Shareholders - 9.617.419 shares or 36,238%
Total Number of Shares   26,539.907

Dividends per share