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Press Releases

Viva Wallet POS app for the Company’s Sales Network

European Reliance began an innovative co-operation with the company “Viva Wallet Holdings”, introducing the new Viva Wallet POS app to the Insurance Sector.

The Company will start using the app and offer innovative opportunities to the Insurance Intermediaries, who will be able, after downloading the app, to accept payments on behalf of the company, of insurance policies with the phone, through the NFC technology that allows contactless exchange of data over short distances.

The application is currently available only for Android mobile phones and provides the following benefits:

  • Saving time, since with a contactless payment, the customer may proceed to payment of the insurance premium in real time, with simultaneous update of the Company’s systems.
  • Safety in the transactions for collection of insurance premiums, since the application has strong safeguards. 
  • Pay with your phone, instead of credit card.

European Reliance will continue to invest in its digital transformation, aiming to improve the provision of services and simplify the procedures for the insured and the companies with which it cooperates and further assist the work of the Sales Network.