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The only insurance company in the new “Green” ESG index of the Athens Stock Exchange

European Reliance was evaluated based on a series of criteria and it is one of the 35 companies that stand out and are included in the new “Green” ESG Athex index (Environmental, Social, Governance) and it is the only Company that represents the Insurance Market.

ESG (Environmental, social, governance) was firstly presented on August 2, 2021. Its objective is the monitoring of the financial performance of the listed companies that adopt and promote practices on issues related with the Environment, the Society and Corporate Governance. ESG index presents the ability of companies to create value through the implementation of long-term and sustainable strategies.

This index was created after a common initiative of the Athens Stock Exchange and the Union of Institutional Investors to assign to the Laboratory for Investment Applications (EPEFA) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens the conduction of a relevant study on the degree of recognition of the listed companies of ESG, taking into consideration the published information of each company.

European Reliance has proved that, along with the growth of its financial figures, constantly organizes actions for the benefit of the Society and the Environment and stays true to its commitment to practices of Corporate Governance that are directly related to the Sustainable Development.