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Press Releases

New upgraded “Car Total” app

European Reliance upgraded the smartphone application “Car Total”, in order to provide a direct response for Road Assistance and Accident Care service cases.

More specifically, the Insured of the Company, through the implementation “Car Total”, may in case of accident or mechanical breakdown, inform with the click of a button for the exact location and the vehicle would be easily traced and served. With this new application, everything happens a lot faster, without call waiting, since this new service does not require any phone calls.

The app “Car Total” is available in the app store, for iOS and Android devices. It is worth noting that the filling out of information of the Insurance Policy in the application occurs immediately through the scanning of the QR Code.

Along with the upgrade of the application, the Company has set in operation in Athens and Thessaloniki, the “SMS Vehicle Tracking Mondial”, with which the Insured, during the service with Road Assistance and Accident Care, receives with an SMS a link and by clicking it, the Insured can monitor in real time, the Assistance vehicle that is coming over to serve the customer. 

Within a constantly changing environment of high qualifications, European Reliance remains committed to continue to design innovative digital services for the benefit of the Insured and its Insurance Agents.