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Press Releases

Cleaning of 2 beaches in Attica, within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Company

European Reliance taking into consideration the significance and seriousness of the protection of the environment, has focused on 2021, a large part of Corporate Social Responsibility to this direction. Within this framework, the Company participated in the cleaning of two seasides in the prefecture of Attica “Kokkino Limanaki” and “Legraina”.

The cleaning of the beach “Kokkino Limanaki” is incorporated in the “Project Paralies”, an initiative referring to the memorandum of the partnership, between the Municipality of Rafina- Pikermi and the company «Blue Oxygen I.K.E.», for the cleaning of certain beaches in Attica. European Reliance adopted for the summer of 2021, the beach “Kokkino Limanaki”, in order to clean the waste of previous years, keep it clean throughout the summer period and place sets of wooden waste buckets for separated municipal waste collection.

The cleaning of the second beach of Legraina is a co-operation of the Company with the Institute for Sustainable Development of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO). This Institute supports the public and private sector in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the promotion of sustainability of the European Green Deal, applying constantly actions for the protection of the environment. 
European Reliance, wanting to provide support to the Institute for the Sustainable Development has been a supporter in the cleaning of the beach of Legraina and contributed to the implementation of the “Ocean Literacy Workshop” of the Institute, within the framework of the “European Maritime Day 2021”. 

For European Reliance, the protection of the environment is not just a sector in the planning agenda of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is part of the culture of the Organization and a daily effort to essentially contribute to the actions for the improvement of the living conditions of our planet.