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Election of a new Board of Directors, totally in compliance with the New Legislation for Corporate Governance 

The Extraordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors of European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A. approved, among others, the election of the new Board of Directors, with five year term of office, on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

The new composition of the Board of Directors fully complies with the requirements of L. 4706/2020 on the Corporate Governance of Société Anonymes with shares listed in a regulated market in Greece, regarding the number of the independent members, the appropriateness, existence of diversity and sufficient representation of both genders. Moreover, with the addition of the new members, more age groups are represented and at the same time, the knowledge and professional base of the new Board of Directors, is enhanced with additional auditing, legal and actuarial knowledge. 

More specifically, the Board members acquire knowledge and experience in the following fields: 
Insurance and fiscal markets  
Business strategy and business models 
Systems of governance, internal audit and risk management 
Financial and actuarial analysis
Applied auditing and accounting
Regulatory framework and regulatory requirements
Technology and utilization methods

The new Board of Directors consists of the following members:
Nikolaos Chalkiopoulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Board Member
George Diamantopoulos, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Non-Executive Board Member
Christos Georgakopoulos, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Board Member
Stefanos Verzovitis, Executive Board Member
Keith Morris, Independent, Non-Executive Member
Eleni Andreadaki, Independent, Non-Executive Board Member
George Konstantinidis, Non-Executive Board Member
Christina Papanikolopoulou, Independent, Non-Executive Board Member
Panagiotis Vroustouris, Independent, Non-Executive Board Member

The interested parties may find further information on the Investor Relations website of the Company.