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European Reliance stays close to the society with its 39th Voluntary Blood Donation 

European Reliance completed with total success the 39th Voluntary Blood Donation with a large number of participants. The procedure took place in the headquarters of our Group, with special equipment and the appropriate layout for the blood donation, and it was organized by the Mobile Blood Donor Unit of the General Hospital of Athens "LAIKO”. 
Since 2003, our Company has established a Corporate Bank Blood and has collected about 1254 blood units. Up to this day, the Company has contributed to over 700 cases of blood donation, at times of need.

It is worth noting that with the previous Voluntary Donation, European Reliance contributed and actively supported the Association of Patients with sickle-cell anaemia and thalassemia. With this action, the Association was strengthened within the Covid-19 pandemic and effectively managed the problem of lack of blood and the patients could normally continue their treatment.

Voluntary donation is a gift of life and a gentle gesture to our fellow citizens. For European Reliance and its people, this is an action that totally complies with the culture of the Group and is part of the thousands of actions that have been scheduled over the past years by European Reliance and contributed to the needs of the society.