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Press Releases

Top distinction in 2021 Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards 

For the initiative “Prevention of Fraud & Fight against Corruption”

European Reliance received the top distinction at “Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards 2021”, in the pillar “Bravo Governance”, for the initiative “Prevention of Fraud and Fight against Corruption”.

This pillar refers to practices and initiatives related to the system of governance of an organization. This category included companies that apply actions to fight corruption and promotion transparency and accountability.

The rules and procedures applied by European Reliance for the Prevention of Fraud and the Fight against Corruption bind the company to apply the Code of Conduct and promote transparency in all matters related to the activity of the organization and fight corruption in all of its forms, in a state of fair competition for businesses and consumers.

During the award ceremony, the Compliance & AML Manager of the Company, Ms. Katerina Papadopoulou, stated: “This top distinction is an award for European Reliance, for its corporate governance practices implemented for a series of years, that are incorporated in its culture. Our principles are the basis of the system of governance, a system with prudent and effective management, transparency in the corporate functions, and main objective the long-term interests of all parties involved.”

Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards are an institution for social dialogue for Sustainable Development in a national level, based on the initiatives that are implemented by Businesses, Organizations of the Local Government Administration and a Society of Citizens and all together contribute to the creation of a new Greece.