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#SkepsouAllios. A campaign to raise awareness and inform the society about the good of the planet 

European Reliance, a Group inextricably linked with the society, proves its contribution to the greater good in actions, through the creation of a briefing campaign under the title #SkepsouAllios and the general motto “A brighter future starts today” to decrease single-use plastic for the benefit of the planet. 

Since July 2021, based on Directive 2019/904 of European Reliance, Greece will abolish the use of single-use plastic, such as plastic caps, cutlery, dishes, skewers, etc. 
European Reliance is the only insurance company in Greece that is in total compliance with this Directive since the beginning of 2021, with the preparation of an annual strategic plan to inform the society about the problems caused to the environment by the use of plastic products. 

According to the information of the Organization “Plastic Oceans”, 380 mil. tones of plastic waste are produced annually, out of which 8 mil. end in our seas. 
European Reliance began the campaign #SkepsouAllios, by sharing a questionnaire as a sample to 526 people, in order to properly record the actual knowledge on plastic and its use. Having as a guide the results of the questionnaire, the Group prepared a series of communication actions towards the public, the Employees and the Sales Network.

More specifically, it created a series of actions, such as the outdoor promotion in specific bus stations, with smart and creative logos, that advise the citizens to think differently, radio references who will advise listeners to change their daily habits, along with the promotion of the campaign in the social media, further animated videos and electronic forms with useful advice for the decrease of the use and recycling of plastic and branding of the entire action in the Company’s headquarters.

Furthermore, in order to further contribute and function as a role-model, the Company began its actions, sharing to its Employees and Insurance Agents multi-use products, such as thermos, glasses and cloth bags, that were designed especially for European Reliance by the talented fashion designer Markellos Polydorou. 

The campaign #SkepsouAllios will culminate in the participation of the Company in the European Week of Waste Reduction of the European Union, which will take place from 20 to 28 November 2021 and is expected to have a great impact, not only to the citizens of Greece, but to the entire European Union.

The Head Officer of the Marketing and Public Relations Dept. of our Company, Mr. Konstantinos Chalkiotis stated: “For European Reliance, an environmentally-friendly corporate culture is not only one of the strategic objectives of the Company, but its main intention and obligation. The campaign #SkepsouAllios incorporates this mentality, since through the actions that will be implemented, we aim to achieve a massive briefing of the society on the damage that is caused by the use of plastic in the environment, and at the same time we are positive that through our example, we will urge, as much as possible our fellow citizens to change their daily habits, towards a more sustainable direction”. 

The Company is committed to continue to operate as a model for corporate social responsibility and create a better tomorrow, embracing the proverb of Emerson: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.