European Reliance Asset Management

European Reliance Asset Management M.F.M S.A., founded in 1990, constitutes one of the largest investment companies operating in the Greek market.

The company is active in the sectors of Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Venture Capital and develops Investment Banking for the provision of investment services. The purpose of the Company is to build long-term relationships with the customers based on trust. The Assets under management on 31/12/2019 amounted to € 386 mil., and the total turnover amounted to € 1.1 mil.

European Reliance General Insurance Co S.A. ’s share is 99.01%.

Alter Ego S.A.

Alter Ego S.A. certified with the ISO 9001:2008, is one of the largest companies for provision of integrated Facilities Management solutions.

Alter Ego S.A., penetrating into the business market, fully meets businesses’ needs by offering a broad range of services such as technical support, relocation project management, site design & construction, reception staff placement, cleaning services, disinfection services, landscaping services, catering, integrated solutions for electronic systems and Internet communications.

All services are coordinated via 18123, the switchboard number available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with 40 technical specializations.

Alter Ego S.A. completes the range of provided services through the following strategic unit named MEDICALL – HEALTH SYSTEM, which is active in providing primary health services at preferential prices through the 18123 call center.

Since 2017, Alter Ego is co-founder of Partner Hotel S.A. a leading company in the field of hotel accommodation management.

Moreover, it has been selected by major international companies in the fields of Real Estate, Property Management and Facilities Management as one of their main partners in the Greek market and is a founding member of the independent Hellenic Facility Management Association. The Company’s total turnover in 2019 amounted to € 12.3 mil.

European Reliance General Insurance Co S.A. ’s share is 97.30%.

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