European Reliance - Leading Organization in Corporate Responsibility 22/03/2018
European Reliance - Leading Organization in Corporate Responsibility (143.33KB)

Chalandri, March 22, 2018 - European Reliance has been ranked as a pioneering Organization dedicated to the implementation and promotion of Sustainable Development and Responsible Entrepreneurship at the 21 "Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2017" presentation ceremony.

This assessment has emerged from the “Sustainability Performance Directory”, the Business Sustainability Index, based on the specifications of the Greek Code of Sustainability, according to the standards of the corresponding German Code. Also, it is a supportive tool for businesses which responds to the regulatory disclosure frameworks of non-financial information and enhances their competitiveness.

During the event, Mr. Christos Georgakopoulos, CEO of the Company stated: "European Reliance is committed to the continuous and consistent implementation of the policies and the actions for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. These policies characterize the operation of European Reliance for 40 consecutive years. The company is committed to do what is required for the adoption of these policies by its 5500 employees."

Interested parties can find out more information about the latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report at www.europaikipisti.gr


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