European Reliance - Program of Insurance Studies “Executive Sales Insurance Program” 28/11/2017
European Reliance - Program of Insurance Studies “Executive Sales Insurance Program” (164.33KB)

Chalandri November 28, 2017 - European Reliance and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UOA) recently announced the creation of the “Executive Sales Insurance Program", the only long-term program of studies in the insurance sector.

The two institutions aimed to create an insurance studies program, which will allow the Sales Network of the Company to further their specialization on their field of work. At the same time, this program will enhance the status of the profession in the whole market.

The “Executive Sales Insurance Program” follows the standards of programs for business executives. Similar programs are organized in universities abroad in cooperation with businesses, offering academic training, but also focusing on its application in the business environment.

The “Executive Sales Insurance Program” is divided into 4 subject areas: Business Administration and Marketing, Sales and Administration, Education of Human Resources and Regulations and, finally, Opportunities presented in the market.

The participants, through a demanding educational process, which requires 150 hours of physical attendance, exams and a thesis submission, will be able to obtain a qualification (Executive Diploma) recognized by the UOA, the oldest and largest University in Greece.

It should be taken into consideration has that the European Reliance has concluded a partnership with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athen since 2006, in an effort to invest in the employee continuing education and advancement. This cooperation gave its Sales Network the opportunity to retrain and obtain re-certifications through ilearn³, the e-training platform of the Company.

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